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Titanverse Swimwear is TITAN's third release of NFTs. Each piece in the collection is handmade by Australian fashion designer Steven Fleming using luxury materials including gold. 

Like all the memes created by the TITAN community, Titanverse Swimwear doesn't take itself too seriously, this time lightheartedly celebrating the best of sun-soaked Byron Bay. More than just a crypto summer meme celebration, the collection is highly innovative and explores new possibilities of merging physical and digital experiences in the open metaverse.


Whether it’s offshore or onshore, this salute to Duke Kahanamoku will have you covered in all conditions. As you chase the ultimate 30ft wave around the metaverse, paddle out in this number, which has been manufactured to provide more warmth and durability for your confidence. Drop in, in legendary Hawaiian style. 


Feel the steam coming off the water with the Temptress. Designed for maximum tanning and minimal tan lines, this two-piece is about pure freedom. The spicy Summer number is engineered for high diving, cartwheels, late night dips and, of course, a bit of protection against losing them in the surf.


A suit that goes out if its way to save your life. Commendable and dependable for all your water safety needs, the Rescue is made with stretch-woven gold to thank the heroes who go above and beyond to put others first in the metaverse every day. The ultimate selfless suit.


Bond, of course, enjoys expensive fast cars and dangerous women. These quick-drying stretch swim shorts have been made for the irrevocably clever, exceedingly cunning and diabolically independent man. Whilst they were nostalgically developed, these shorts live firmly in the now and are ready for the future of the metaverse.


Chasing pure gold for TITAN, this swimsuit is guaranteed to take the top spot at the podium. Prepare to carve the water with speed and style. The Sport feels like a second skin and has been manufactured for optimum performance in the pool, ocean or diving.


From the golden sands of Byron Bay, this rare Goddess is our Queen of the collection.  Every fibre of the gold stretch-woven fabric is luxurious and finely engineered, just like our Queen. Designed to build an empire in the metaverse.


Too glam to give a damn! Built for stylish success, this city suit is perfect for any pool rooftop amongst the metaverse's skyscrapers.  Near weightless stretch-woven fabric is used to ensure pure comfort and a tight waistline. She is sassy and a little bit bad assy. Made for confidence.


To reveal the beauty of this Pride-influenced bikini...just add water. Made with love, this two-piece has been cleverly designed with two layers of woven fabric, and when wet reveals the TITAN logo. Concealing and revealing all in one, the Crystal is guaranteed to turn heads!


I spy with my little eye... a one piece that gives as good as it gets. With internal pockets for secret things, this has been designed for the feisty, sexy lady with exemplary nunchuck skills and a head full of global classified information countries would kill for. Guaranteed to hold everything in place for karate matches, ocean swimming and pool dining.


Inspired by Rudi Gernreich's iconic 1964 topless maillot - sometimes referred to as the "monokini". With a seamless font panel and designed to be topless, the One captures the libertarian spirit.  Take the legendary piece from the 60’s to the metaverse. Perfect for they, her or him.


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